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Telesia Advisors helps successful businesses grow through our Business Consulting & Investment divisions.

A. The Business Consulting division is your coach to success.

Our strategy is simple: First, we aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of your business processes and make sure you have the best teams in place to win in your exising market (s).

Second, we provide key training to every employee in your company to ensure everyone in your organization has the foundations for success. We then assign a mentor for each employee so they can continue to grow themselves and your organization.

Third, we choose and implement the highest return on investment marketing and lead generation strategies to sustainably grow your current business.

Fourth, we go after new markets, leveraging your existing technology to capture new business with a higher and faster rate of return on investment.

Finally, at any point in the growth process, we closely monitor company financials through our cashflow management system and work with our Investments Division to raise required capital to sustain company growth.

B. The Business Investment division invests in your success.

Our strategy is simple: clearly asses risks associated with a potential investment in your business, and if and when favorable, structure an investment in your company that can support your growth with private capital until we can make you bankable to traditional lenders.

Our motto is simple: Invest in us so we can invest in you, it's the best decision you will ever make.

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